Look closely at one of the most spectacular collectibles ever minted.   Inspired by an archeological discovery of biblical importance, and one of the most important findings in religious history, the original Jesus Coin is praised as one of the rarest and most beautiful medallions ever minted.

Originally excavated in Tiberius, along the coast of the Sea of Galilee, close to the birthplace of Saint Mary Magdalene, the coin is believed to have been hand carried from Constantinople to Tiberius, and bears the cherished inscription “Jesus Christ, King of Kings”.

Handcrafted by the most highly skilled artists in the United States with painstaking attention to detail, the Jesus Coin captures every gentle nuance of the Lord our savior.

Now, the National Center for Religious Collectibles announces a private minting of the famed Jesus Coin as a non-monetary hand sculpted, master crafted collectible.

The artists incredible detail…a design forever embossed…..an image you’ll want touch. Share the comfort of the lord’s power guiding you through difficult times. Bathe in the glory of his image held forever by your side.  Rejoice in the strength offered by his constant presence.

Beautifully adorned on one side with a close-up image of his gloriousness holding close the bible, sculpted deep into the surface.  On the reverse, a brilliant and majestic ascension scene symbolizes Jesus divinely controlled destiny.  Together the medallion is gloriously crowned with 47 glistening stars, each symbolizing one of Jesus many miracles.

Each medallion is individually registered….a unique serial number inscribed on each original hand signed certificate of authenticity.  A beautiful keepsake delivered directly to your door - and insured in transit by the National Center for Religious Collectibles.

The artists master crafted design documents for this treasured collectible are preserved in a guarded vault in Geneva Switzerland where some of the world’s most precious collectibles are safely protected.

Imagine yourself holding this heart warming inspirational medallion.  Now you can reserve your own original Jesus coin. You may even send as a beautifully packaged gift.  What a divine way to share Christ’s eternal gift of love.